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How to update Default: Allow orders


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Hi , 


I would like set Default: Allow orders  as selected value for all the products in my online shop. I just enable the stock management in prestashop, and found that half of my products is defaulted to "deny order" and another half is defaulted to Default: Allow orders . 


Is there any way to update the table column to solve this issue?

kindly please provide guidance sql guidance update these column.denyorder.png


version : PrestaShop™

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Hello, i have been dealing with this issue for almost a month. Does anyone know if there any functionality somewhere that would trigger a product to switch value for out_of_stock from 2 to 0 ?


There are two tables, I spent a lot of time with this issue


UPDATE `ps_product`

SET `out_of_stock` = 2;

UPDATE `ps_stock_available`

SET `out_of_stock` = 2;

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