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Infinite loop when choosing payment method on IE 11


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Hello everyone,


I've got a strange error when choosing a payment method which only occurs when using MS Internet Explorer 11. Everything's fine on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and even Internet Explorer 8 (haven't been able to try on other versions yet.).


An infinite loop basically starts when clicking a payment method (Only Paypal and Credit Card are accepted on this shop). Sometimes instead of this infinite loop, the user lands on a page (A real shop page, not a white one) which displays "Error occured :", without any explanation of the error (Even with PS_MODE_DEV activated).


I guess it's some king of redirection problem, but we've never faced such problems before. Moreover, on another shop of ours, the problem just doesn't occur.


I've tried enabling and disabling things such as Guest checkout, multishipping, etc but it changes nothing.


I've noticed this at the end of the URL, which might pose a problem




I'd be glad to hear your advices,


Have a nice day,



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