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fedexcarrier module cannot be configured

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Currently on brand new install of  I installed the fedexcarrier module, but it cannot be configured to work due to error.  I would appreciate all help. 

Also FYI - I am based in USA and I am not a programmer....


forbbiden.gif Prestashop could not connect to Fedex webservices :
Error 1000 : Authentication Failed
delivery.gif Connect to Fedex Module Statuswarn2.pngConnect to Fedex is not configured yet. You must:
module_install.png 1) Complete the "General Settings" form
module_install.png 2) Select your available delivery service
warn2.png 3) Webservice test connection : Error 1000 : Authentication Failed
module_install.png 4) Soap is enabled
module_install.png 5) Url fopen is enabled
module_install.png 6) OpenSSL is enabled (These are test account numbers supplied by Fedex) General configuration :

Your Fedex account :

Your Fedex meter number :

Your Fedex password :

Your Fedex Authentication Key :



(also note, the link to get Fedex authentication key does not work in module either)

Please click here to get your Fedex Authentication Key.


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I have not found a solution myself yet. I still cannot use the Fedex module.  I am suprized that no-one else has had the problem, or they dont seem to care.

I did try the one fix mentioned above...

I downloaded the 'fix' above and copied it to the module directory, but the system would not let me configure it, and updated it to the newer version that does not work.


Please let me know if you come up with anything.



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