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E-mails variables in mailalerts: how to add a manufacturer


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I'm currently  trying to add the manufacturer variable in mailalerts but I'm stuck.

Every time I add: $manufacturer = new Manufacturer($product['id_manufacturer'], $id_lang);

The website doesn't load afterwards.

What should I add so that, I could use the {manufacturer} in my mails?


Thank's in advance,


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Line 275

After this:

$id_lang = (int)Context::getContext()->language->id;
$currency = $params['currency'];
$configuration = Configuration::getMultiple(array('PS_SHOP_EMAIL', 'PS_MAIL_METHOD', 'PS_MAIL_SERVER', 'PS_MAIL_USER', 'PS_MAIL_PASSWD', 'PS_SHOP_NAME'));
$order = $params['order'];
$customer = $params['customer'];
$delivery = new Address((int)$order->id_address_delivery);
$invoice = new Address((int)$order->id_address_invoice);
$order_date_text = Tools::displayDate($order->date_add, (int)$id_lang);
$carrier = new Carrier((int)$order->id_carrier);
$message = $order->getFirstMessage();
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