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[SOLVED] Resize image and text in Home


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Hello folks!


Please, I need a help... Please, see my home at this moment:


http://bazar90.com.br )






But, I would like to resize picutres and texts, in order to put only 3 images by line (would be 9 pictures in total). But when I change the image size in "Preferences", the texts does not resize too.


I would like make something like that (image below)

Is it possible?


Thanks in advance! :)



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you need to do several thigs.



preferences > images

change size for "home_default" image type.

change width to 226px; height to 224px;



regenerate thumbnails for home_defeault to see the changes



3 css styles modification

open homefeatured.css file and increase width param to 226px; and remove height in:

#featured-products_block_center li {
margin-right: 10px;
padding: 10px 0;
width: 226px;
height: 240px;

after that - change styles for fonts in the same file (homefeatured.css)

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it's because your product list tpl file use the same image type as home featured module.

what to do? change size for this picture with css styles


for example width:100px!important & height:auto:

#product_list a.product_img_link img {
display: block;
vertical-align: bottom;
width: 100px!important;
height: auto;

http://bazar90.com.br/themes/default/css/product_list.css line 42




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Alright, thanks for the tip.

When I put "100px" ok, no problems. But I would like to put images with 200px (like we done in Featured Products), and when I put 200px in "product_list.css" the texts are wrong format...


We could remove the description for get more space...



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i suggested to decrease image width because i don't know what you exactly expect.

if you want to remove description - you have to edit product-list.tpl file

there is a code with description, it looks similar to: {$product->description|truncate} 

i don't know how it looks exactly in your file, because you use non default theme

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I found the line to "delete" description, but the question is: Is it possbile to put the images with 200px? Because we done that in Featured Products and the result was perfect. In category, the images with only 100px are too small...

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so if you want to use the same styles as in homefeatured module, just define the same styles

(you can copy styles to your product-list.css file) and also modify the <li></li> object in product-list.tpl file

it must looks like <li></li> object from homefeatured.tpl

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Hey, finally I got it!
I put "226px!important" in product_list.css and changed my customized css file (I'm using cleantheme, so I changed cleantheme.css and modified all "height" for "auto" and... BUM! The result was perfect :)
Thank you so much for your help, tips and patience...
Abraços do Brasil! (hugs from Brazil) :)



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