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Make an image show or float


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What is the easiest way to insert an image as displayed on my picture?


Have tried adding an div in layout.tpl but the place of the picture moves and lies over the header if i preview the page from low resolution browser.


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the easiest way: html box free + code like:

<div style="width:30px; height:100px; display:block; position:fixed; right:0px; top:100px; background:none;">
    <a href="http://www.facebook.com/MyPresta" style="background:none;" target="_blank">
        <img src="http://mypresta.eu/content/uploads/2013/03/howtofacebookbutton.png" style="background:none;">

take a look here: floating advertise image


you can of course change position of the floating image with css styles, just manipulate values in params: right:0px; / top:100px;

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