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[SOLVED] - Creating a Module Tutorial - Not Showing Page.


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I've been trying out this tutorial here:




Everything was going well until I got to the "Embedding a template in the theme" section where I want to display my template "display.tpl".


When I click on the link to display the page I get the following message:


"Oops, something went wrong.

Try to refresh this page or feel free to contact us if the problem persists."


Has anyone else experienced this issue?


Thank you for any help.





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Thanks Vekia


Just tried this and it gave me the same result.


However, I placed the display.tpl in folder /modules/productreg/view/templates/front.


This seemed to do the trick in that it now displays the content of display.tpl.


The only problem now is that display.tpl displays in the leftcolumn block rather than fit in with rest of the template.

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