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Images don't appear in front , something to do with legacy


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Prestashop version: 1.5.6 . This is for a custom import tool. It imports products into presta from a feed.


Images do appear in back office, but in front shop only appear as question marks.


When directly going to the image:

/img/p/2/2/1/9/5/22195-large_default.jpg - this works


but presta is actually looking for a image located at: 



where 566 is the product_id


Googling suggests it has something to do with legacy file system . But what ?

I tried the default theme and it made no difference..


Would appreciate any help


Edit: I just noticed on my localhost installation of perstashop(a different version) images paths (that also work) are as:




So basically the product_id is not being used here, to fetch images

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