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[SOLVED] How to add new font in description editor


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Hello all,


i have been looking for solution, but nothing appeared before my eyes...


Please, is there any possibility to add font in editor, so that user can change the default ones to those, predefined in CSS.


For example mine customer is using Segoe UI in whole template, but in editor there is not listed Segoe UI.


Please help...

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I think, this should solve your problem:


  • Create fonts folder : tinymce/themes/advanced/ - if not exists.

    1. Put font in fonts "tinymce/themes/advanced/fonts/aphrodite_pro.ttf.
    2. Add font in editor_template.js & editor_template_src.js include in "theme_advanced_fonts"

    Ex: theme_advanced_fonts: "Aphrodite Pro=aphrodite pro",

  • Maintain "theme_advanced_fonts" font name sequence in above both js files.


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