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Messages not displayed in Order overview.


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So, the problem today is that employees can't see the messages from inside an order.

While I've noticed that there is a declaration to display them in order/helpers/view/view.tpl:

	{if (sizeof($messages))}
		<br />
		<fieldset style="width: 400px;">
		<legend><img src="../img/admin/email.gif" /> {l s='Messages'}</legend>

It's actually empty, as $messages is probably not set.


Well. I found the files that call the view.tpl, I could not find a way to assign the $messages variable myself.

Help would be appreciated :)

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Well. I have totally solved this.

Not sure if this is a bug or something. But the messages that the template wants to show are from the ps_message. When actually, what I needed (and maybe, what should have been there) was ps_customer_message, so I could see the conversation between user and employee about the order itself.

What I did in AdminOrdersController.php:

'messages' => Message::getMessagesByOrderId($order->id, true),


'messages' => CustomerMessage::getMessagesByOrderId($order->id, true),

And it's done. Finally.

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