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My Slider disapeared ! Help please

Eva Martin

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Hello alls,

Everything is in the title : I cannot customise my home slider, because it's not in my modules' list anymore...


At first it worked well and I customised it with one of my pictures, and it's still showed on my front office website. I can even find it on the hook positions, but it's gone from my modules'list.


Does anyone have any idea of what happened and what I should do to find back my slider module ?


I hope my english is not too bad (I'm french but no one answers to my question on the french forum ...)

If anything is unclear please ask me !


thanks !



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It was included in the basics, it's named "carrousel d'images (slider) pour votre page d'accueil" in french, I may translateas "Picture slider for your homepage" ... Maybe I can give you somemore information by searching somewhere, but I don't know where ... 



here is a screenshot of the module's position (the only place where I can find this bloody slider in my backOffice) ...


Thanks !

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So ... I gave a look to my prestashop files, and I can find the directory in "modules/homeslider". I can even see the picture I customised when I was still able to find the homeslider module in my back office.


My Prestashop version is :

I know there is a new version but I did not dare to upgrade, as I'm a very beginner I'm afraid to do something wrong ...


Thanks for helping !

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