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[SOLVED] New Order with empty Invoice


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The system that I'm working on includes multiple sources for invoices. Because of that, I cannot make the invoices increment.

I have managed to make some edits so I could change the invoice.


But I could not yet find how to make a new order not have an invoice number. The searching is pretty abstract and I have no idea how I should go about it ;)

Any clues where I could find where the Order is placed to the database for the first time?



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Thanks for the comment!

Yeah, I know where the number is stored. But I need to know where it is generated for the first time when the order is first put to the database so I could make it NULL or empty, or anything that's not something relevant and, possibly, causing errors in the shop.

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Uh, not really.


I'm thinking of some method that adds "invoice_number" to the order variable that will be put to the database (when user finalizes their cart).

Well, and now that you've mentioned some of these variables, I managed to find what I need :)

What I was searching for was the setInvoice() method in Order.

I changed from

$this->invoice_number = $order_invoice->number;


$this->invoice_number = "";

And my problem is now solved!

Thanks :)

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