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Add new "check" column in backoffice product list


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I am using the version, and we don't use stock management because the stocks are shared with our real store. So sometimes, some of the products become out of stock, and the only way I found to state that on our website is to uncheck the option "available for order" in each product page (see picture). 




This can be very time consuming. So, I am trying to add a column  (like the "displayed' column) in the category page, in which you can check or uncheck the availability of each product. Is that possible?


Thank you.

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Hi, I realized that it's better to add my column in the Monitoring tab, since all the products are listed there anyway. And I managed to add the column and to make it show different icons for available_for_order. But I'm stuck at putting a link on those icons... I'm really just a beginner, so by looking around, at the other columns, I guess the link should be something like: 

<a href="index.php?tab=AdminCatalog&id_product='.$product->id.'&SOMETHING&token='.Tools::getAdminToken('AdminCatalog'.(int)(Tab::getIdFromClassName('AdminCatalog')).(int)($cookie->id_employee)).'">

but I don't know what that SOMETHING should be. Can anyone please help me? 

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