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[SOLVED] Free order does not work with set minimum order amount?


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Hi everybody,


need help with this problem:


I have set up the general settings of my shop with a minimum order amount and a loyalty program.

Now it can happen that the voucher amount is greater than the order total. I expected that in this case the customer would be able to check out without passing through a payment gateway and can go on downloading his/her products.


But: although (in my test case) the voucher amount exceeds the order amount (thus the "total to pay" amount is 0), there is no free checkout, instead the cart (I'm using OPC) keeps saying "A minimum purchase total of € ... is required in order to validate your order".


What's wrong? How can I solve this?


Thank you!

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If you add a minimum order amount, it requests what it says it does: the total order amount must be equal or more than the specified minimum amount. When a voucher decreases the total order amount so that it comes below this minimum amount, then the order is not fulfilling this request...


So your must either skip the minimum order amount requirement, or indeed let the user buy some more, to fulfil the minimum order amount.


Maybe there's another way to let PS do what you want.

What exactly do you want to accomplish? When can an order size be less than the minimum amount, and when should it be at least the order amount etc.



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Hello Pascal,


I don't want to skip the minimum order amount (have to keep "some" rentability ;) ), but I don't want to annoy customers either, who collected enough loyalty points (or got a gift certificate) to "buy" items with their vouchers completely.


So this is what I want to set up:

  • if total amount after applying voucher is = or < 0 , I want free checkout (plus a new voucher with the remaining voucher value)
  • if total amount (after voucher) is > 0 but < minimum purchase amount, I do want the warning message to pop up

Where (and how) do I have to tweak the coding?




(btw. ... could you take a look into my other open topic please?)

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