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Price on Application for shipping and products


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Hi there - I'm looking into Prestashop to see if it will suit for a client's needs. The client intends to sell to it's client companies - about 4 of these to start off with. The products are branded company shirts, jackets, vests, fleeces, pants, etc. Prices will depend on quantity and logos, so final prices can not be given on the website itself.


Basically, the client wants all prices to show POA, including the shipping price.


Is there any way I can do this quite easily with Prestashop?

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You can either put the shop in catalog mode. Then prices will not be shown, but the client cannot order anything. The client can contact the seller and the seller can then make a back office order to sell the product.


Or, you can put each client in it's own group, and give each group it's own price. You can also make discounts on quantities, so 5$ or 10% discount when buying 10 pcs  etc.


Or you can just add prices of 0 with the products, let the client order the products, (getting a 0 total price) and let the seller reply with a total price afterwards.


I'll think about some more options.... Anyone else some ideas??



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