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How to add current category name to product meta tags?


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im using PS and thinking about this challenge for prevent meta tags duplication and better search description.
Can i extract category name from URL ? (canoncial is enabled) or exist another solution?

Example URL:
stavitelstvi-a-architektura is category name

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Can you explain a little more what you exactly need?

- One time 'copying' to fill existing meta tags,

- automatic filling with a copy of the category name on product creation? (What if the product has multiple categories...)

- What happens if meta tag already has contents? Should it be added, and if so where? Front/Back?


Can you give a clear example how you expect the process to work?



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A have same product in two, three categories, thus same product but different URLs, for each category. So, i thinking, that corresponding meta-description is better. 




My lack of knowledge, I did not realize that PrestaShop redirects to default category. Please delete this topic.

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