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Vat/Tax Exemption


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Hoping that someone can help point me in the right direction whether it be a purchasable module or coding solution.



In the UK there is tax relief on certain but not all disability products based on on users health condition. So say if you the customer is severely disabled or has diabetes you pay no Vat/Tax on certain products whereas everybody else must pay the price plus Vat/Tax.


I need to apply a tax exemption to certain products for certain customers.


I would like not to have to create duplicate items with different prices as this becomes confusing for the customer.


But think the answer must lie in and around specific pricing for user groups.

But am unable to get my head round a full solution


I have searched the forums but struggling to find anybody that has mentioned or solved this Issue.


As always guidance and advice appreciated.



PS 1.5.6





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Hi Dualforce,


I have the same requirment in the USA for Tax Exemption for businesses.




This module appears to give groups tax exempt status, but it requires web managers to apply people to these groups and ideally we would like to let the user chose if they should be exempt.


Surely this a regular requirement in USA where governments organisations are exempt from tax.


Are there any USA or UK merchants out there that have dealt with this issue and have a working solution in place?






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I have the same requirement, I've found a prestashop site that do this (www.delivernet.co.uk) but I havent managed to work out how yet as I'm pretty new to prestashop. They seem to be using a reworded gift wrapping option tick box to select if the customer is VAT exempt but I'm not sure what other mods would be needed.

If anyone has a solution, even a paid one, please let me know.

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Prestashop doesn't have the possibility to exempt a particular customer or group from VAT. But you may tweak it, by using a special postal code, like 99999, and program tax rules to exempt postal code 99999

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