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HTML5 background audio player lets you play background music on your pages with a simple user interface to control basic tasks such as stopping or lowering its volume.

  • Plays music, welcome speech
  • Colorizes your online shop
  • Differentiate your website from other stationary examples
  • Make your website rehabilitating
  • Use music files that triggers customer's purchasing desires


  • Mobile compatible
  • Responsive
  • Fully customizable
  • Mp3 file or ogg file can be played (File list is not supported)
  • Professionally designed Back Office Management
  • Color Scheme Options
  • Built-in color selection (picker) applet
  • Volume Control
  • Autostart
  • Autoresume (Unlike a regular audio player, it can remember the player's current point in the music playback, volume, and whether it's paused within a browser session, so as the user transitions from page to page, the music continues where it last left off with minimal disruptions.)
  • Loop
  • Initial Volume
  • Rewind button
  • The width of the player is configurable (the height is fixed)
  • HTML5 audio (the element) is supported in IE9+, FF3.5+, Chrome/Safari 3+, and Opera 10.5+. The player automatically hides the player UI in browsers that don't support it.
  • Left column, right column, footer, top of the page positions are available
  • Demo player in the backoffice to check the customizations


Demo Front Office : Click Here

Demo Back Office : Click Here

Username : d[email protected]

Password : demodemo

Prestashop Compatibility : 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x


Product Page: https://www.megventure.com/prestashop-modules/2-audio-mp3-player.html





Edited by MEG Venture
Demo link is updated (see edit history)

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  • 1 month later...

can't hook it at top of page. presta

i hook it only at this one below, correct?

then at top of left column i see ...coul not be loaded tekst


Top of pages - 1 Module  [This hook displays additional elements at the top of your pages] (Technische naamdisplayTop)
logo.png Audio Player v0.2

Use this module to play music on your online store

edit.gif delete.gif Edited by onno1000 (see edit history)

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it hooks, but at th etop of left column, just above categories / below my shop logo,  i get this tekst:


Error - Player not loaded


Have you tried changing its position order? If you can PM me your temporary backoffice access details, I can help faster.

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I can hook it to:

Page Header & Left Column - works well (at bottom of left column)

Page Header & Right Clumn - works well (at bottom of right column)

Page Header & Top of Pages - Works well (at top of left column)

But all this is still below my topmenu and company logo


I want the module to show above the topmenu, right of my company logo.


On your audio mp3 module selling page I saw a picture of this.

If you can tell me which hooks to use to display correctly I can put them myself.

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Page header hook should be present at all times as the required js and css files are in there.


Then transplant the module to the top hook, also.


Normally, on default Prestashop themes, when you hook it on the top hook, it will be displayed on right of the company logo and above the menu. If that doesn't happen in you case, you need to try changing the position order within the top hook and maybe CSS. It depends the custom theme you use.

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  • 3 months later...

Can I get copy of player.swf as player.fla


I need to configure more options :)


I need to make the player to save option of the visitor if he pauses the audio player when postback page to not work again..


any one can help me please ??




Unfortunately there is no fla file of the swf. This audio player doesn't have autoresume function and doesn't keep cookies to remember the user's past choices. If you are looking for an audio player remembering the user's preferences, I suggest you to use Audio Player Pro.

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really unfortunatly.. :-(


because we paid for this module without realizing for this point!!


I hope if I could edit anything in the module to improve this disadvantage... :-( :-(


I tried alot to convert swf to fla.. but all apps not success to full decompile..


if anyone has any suggession to help me .. I will appreciate that for him.


thanx advance.

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