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[Discontinued] EDS - Extended Delivery System


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A few days ago I finished my latest project.

However it's need to be tested, so if anyone would like to help that would be great.


The project is called EDS - Extended Delivery System.

In basic it supports multiple delivery slips.

But I added alot more.

Here is a quick changelog:

Support for multiple Delivery Slips
Support for multiple Invoices based on Delivery Slips
Added packingslip
Added a new delivery-slip design
Option to set default invoice/delivery slip
Option to add product img to packingslip
Added partial shipped status
Added options to attach invoice / delivery pdf to email at statuses
Added option to only email latest invoce / delivery as attachment
Added due date to invoice and option to enable/disable it
Added Sample order template and options
Added option to set invoice template for each order
Packingslip automaticly only shows undelivered proucts

So if anyone feel like they would give it a test, it would be great.

But don't use on a real site. It may contain bugs.

I tested anything I can think of.


I have made a pull request here: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/875


And to download the zip of PS with my changes use https://github.com/PhpMadman/PrestaShop/archive/W_DeliverySystem.zip

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Your project seems insteresting to me. However I have looked at your download on github. It is not visible or clear to me, whare and what you have changed since the download seems to include a full installation set of all prestashop files as well. Did you change the core directly or are there some files which are related to your changes that you could advise me with?


with best regards, Scully.

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Have totally forgotten about this project.

I have stopped working on this, since they released 1.6 and my job, decided to take another approch.

And yes, the download is a complete install, since it was something to be integrated in to PrestaShop.

But they did not wan't it, so I slitted it, and added some of it in to 1.6.

Another part was written in to a Paid module.

Other parts was just scraped.


What part where you interested in?

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I see, So pretty much the whole thing...

The main idea of this thing, was that part. To be able to split the delivery's in one order.


So nothing I can just extract and make a quick fix for...


I have alot of other modules to make / fix / update atm.

But i'll look in too it and see if I can make this a module as well.

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