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Modification of getProduct function


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I m'trying to change the function "new product" to no longer bind to the date_add in the database.


I created a new category.

Each product since its default category + I link to the category "new products".


I would like that when a product appears in his default category, it is recognized as a new product and therefore the banner new appears.


I think we need to override this file classes/category.php


And change the function reference getProduct if my new date added is less than x days.


I wish that this new function returns if my product is also linked to the category new (in my case id_cat = 8)


I have no idea to make this change and change sql query (line 552) to achieve this.


Someone can help me?


A big thank you

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Hi Alex,


Seems complicated to me. Perhaps you could modify date_add this way :


- 'old product' : first january 2000

- 'new product' : today


You will not have then to modify a method which is used by several parts of Prestashop and add complexity.



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