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Type attribute - text field


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Hello everybody,


I wonder if it is possible to add attributes with fields of type text.


I need to get the width and height for a product and to calculate the surface in square meters.


With the surface I must to apply for an attribute a different impact over the price.


An example: http://www.pixartprinting.com/wide-format/printing-self-adhesive-pvc/flat-surface-adhesive/


Thank you.

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Thank you for your answer.


I thought to use customization fields but they have not any impact to the price isn't it?


My prices are influenced by the surface.
For example, for a surface between 0 and 5 square meters is applied a price of 14 chf.
Can we solve this with the customization fields?
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You have surfaces with fixed size, or is totaly free to choose ?


I may be wrong but attributes are for 'fixed closed' choices like red, blue , 10x15...


Customization is more for open choices like 'put your name on your t-shirt'


Also there is no native 'give us size we will multiply price' in Prestashop, you need to program this.


I will search for how to modify price in cart, if you find tell me.



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