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Custom hook for CMS page always displays at top


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I have successfully added a new module with a new hook to a specific cms page. However, when I load the page the module, and I'm assuming the hook, is displayed at the very top of every cms page. I created a CmsController.php in the override/controllers/front folder with the following code.


class CmsController extends CmsControllerCore
public function process()
self::$smarty->assign('HOOK_PORTFOLIO', Module::hookExec(portfolio, $params));
In the cms.tpl for my theme I have added the following code in after {$cms->content} :
{if $smarty.get.id_cms==4}
This works great, except for the hook being displayed on every cms page at the very top. (After <body> but before any css or js files). The hook is displayed at the correct place on page id 4 and doesn't get displayed on the other cms pages.



What am I doing wrong?

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I deleted the class_index.php each time I changed something in the override folder.

The code for the hook is:



<!-- Portfolio -->

portfolio.php (the actual content generation code)

	public function hookPortfolio{$params)
		$pagename = pathinfo($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], PATHINFO_FILENAME);
		$rows = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->executeS('
			FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'portfolio'
		$table = '<ul>';

		// Get menu for the page
		foreach($rows as $row){
				// Create a cell
				$table .= '<div class="pfcell">';
				// Check what category it is and choose the correct action		
				switch ($row['category'])
					case 'Logos':
					  $table .= '<a href="' . $row['filepath'] . '" target="_blank">';
					case 'Website':
					  $table .= '<a href="' . $row['filepath'] . '" target="_blank">';
					  // No action
				// Get the image for the cell
				$table .= '<img class="images" src=' . $row['thumbnailpath'] . '>';
				// Get the cell hover color
				$table .= '<div class="imgbg"></div>';
				// Get the image information
				$table .= 	'<div class="imginfo">
								<span class="imgInfoText top">' . $row['name'] . '</span>
								<span class="imgInfoText bottom">' . $row['category'] . '</span>
				// Close the cell
				$table .= '</a></div>';
		$table .= '</ul>';
		echo $table;
		$this->smarty->assign('table', $table);
		global $smarty;
		return $this->display(__FILE__,'portfolio.tpl');

So it basically just creates an unordered list of images and links. Nothing fancy.



@Vekia: So is there already something similar in the cms editor? I was planning on making a backend admin part for the module so I won't have to worry about maintaining it. I'm making the website for someone else.

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I think I just figured it out. I left the echo statement in there from when it was its own page. I'll take it out when I get home and that should fix the problem. That would explain why it shows up before anything else and why it shows up on all cms pages.

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