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Paypal module different final price


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Hello everybody,

I would like to ask you for advice on where Paypal module version 3.6.1
takes the final price that appears after clicks the Select method of payment
the payment via paypal ?

In Prestashop 1.5 I have made ​​rounding, but after clicking on the payment via paypal I receive a PayPal payment of such amount to CZK 160.65 for goods CZK + postage 120 CZK a total price of 280.65 CZK, this shows that the customer has to pay.

In my cart on Prestashop it shows the total price rounding of 281 CZK?

This would not be in the paypal module to modify the code and to take the final amount (total), which I have already rounded?


I want to ask you know how to get the final price of the basket in the total price for payment on paypal?


All payment modules (cashonpickup, bankwire, cashondeliveryfee) appear correctly rounded total amount.  Only paypal payment module displays the total amount without rounding


Thank you in advance for your advice


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