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some products missing after upgrade 1.5.60

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sorry i missed you reply here.


products that disappeared aren't located in ps_product_shop table? But they appear in ps_product table?


ps_product_shop these are product IDs I can see




ps_product i can see more product ids than ps_product_shop

diffrent product ids than ps_product_shop


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can you for test purposes add one new entry to ps_product_shop with id_product = 110 and id_shop 1

then go to catalog > products and check if the products appear on list



sorry i am not understand what you mean


can you clear me some more

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in database you've got table ps_product_shop

you can remove / add there new entries.


in phpmyadmin database manager you've got possibility to add new entries to each table in your database,

just add new entry to ps_shop_product


Thanks vekia ... Great .. i  did as your said . i see a product in Backoffice product page ..

than press Edit the prices and enable Product its work . Image product not affect ..


thanks . can you kindly help in thread also . please http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/286409-japan-localization-pack-imported-issue/

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