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[Solved] PS charging unknown link


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After an upgrade from 1.4.9 to I noticed that was a bit slow loading of the website with respect to the previous version, I did a test and I have seen that charges for about 3-4sec link which leads to the main page but not to the point or where it comes.


The link in question is this




Any idea?




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Hi rOoLeZ,

The slowness on the main page is most probably because of the use of the 'featured products' module. What it does is it gets ALL products that are linked to the home category, and then DISCARDS all but the amount you set in the homefeatured module-> configuration. The process to get the products takes some time, and when you then discards most of them, it's a WASTE of time.


To speed it up, maybe check if you can limit the amount of products linked to the home page. (I see you do some random selection with every reload of the page, so you probably have a lot of products linked to Home. Maybe consider to let the random selection choose out of a smaller group (i.e. connect less products to the Home category)


Hope this helps,


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