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Size and unit of Measure

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I am looking at switching my OSComm site to PrestaShop for my online grocery store, but I am having difficulty trying to set up the product details such as the Size and Unit of Measure for the products. These values range greatly and the Units of Measure are very different as well (oz, Liters, Grams, Kg, Gallons, count, etc etc).

Any insight on the best way to establish this?


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Go to your admin.
Go to catalog panel.
There is a sub panel called feature, just below the main panel.
Just add what your numerous measurement represent to.
For example ( your case ) : Liter, Gram, Kg, Gallon... all is weight.
So add a new one called Weight. ( or whatever you want )

Rather adding different measurement just go to your product editor.
At your product page, there is a tab called Feature.
Fill "Customized" area with whatever you want as long as it represent weight... beside you want to fill it a t the correct place, right ?

With Customized, you are free to fill it with whatever you want without the need to set the feature attribute 1st. ( setting can work but probably you want a free entry on your own )

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