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Show Original & discounted price on home featured products


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Hello Everyone,


I am using the PS version 1.5.5.


When we offer discount on the Home featured products, it just shows the new discounted price by default. I want to modify it and I need to show the original price(with a cut over it) as well as the discounted price on home featured products same as that on products page.


I found a related topic here, http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/135636-adding-discount-price-to-home-featured-products/. Although it is mentioned in this topic on what is to be modified in the homefeatured.tpl file but no detailed mention on what is to be done in the css file.


It would be great if someone could help me with this, I do not know any technical languages, created a store with the help of this community only :). It might be very simple but I still need help.







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Yes I did exactly as mentioned in post #4, I added that code both ways, above and below the given code, with force compile on, but there is no change whatsoever. 

Here is the link to my website, www.saadihatti.com. First two products have special prices assigned but only discounted one is visible even after adding that code in homefeatured.tpl.

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so make sure that this file doesnt exists in theme directory:




if it exists there - you need to change this file



homefeatured.tpl does exist in this folder too mentioned by you, I changed it here also but still no change is reflecting. 


I used your tutorial(http://mypresta.eu/en/art/developer/prestashop-quantity-field-featured-products-module.html) to add quantity field on home featured products, but still no change. Should I delete this file or the whole homefeatured module folder from theme directory? Any changes in the homefeatured.tpl are not reflecting.


I modified this file just to have add to cart button using this(http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/179203-solved-add-to-cart-button-not-working-in-featured-products/page-2?do=findComment&comment=1037567). If I had seen your tutorial earlier, I would have just commented out the last lines in .css file to get the 'add to cart' button. but after this modification, any further change are not reflecting.  

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I am not sure why I was not able to see that, but now I do and after increasing the height it is perfect and I am able to see the price, original and discounted, and quantity field is also there. Thanks you so much.


Can I add a 'cut' over the original price? What do I need to modify for that?


Also after adding the quantity field, to enable that 'add to cart' animation effect, you asked to modify a line,


var $element = $(callerElement).parent().parent().find('a.product_image img,a.product_img_link img');


Where can I locate this line? I just need to add one more 'parent()' in it?



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