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Set new added address as delivery


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Hi community, a very specific question today :)


Is there a proper way (by not touching the core PS files!) to automatically set the new added address during the OPC as the delivery one instead of the invoice one?


I've found that in the address controller there's a check that set the cart address invoice as the one created but there's nothing about the delivery address.


Is there some way to set this last by only touching the templates?

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Community? :(


Didn't I explain myself clearly?


If so, and if anyone is interested in this question, please write me :).


Btw: I've already implemented a method to automatically choose the new added address in the OPC checkout as the invoice or delivery address when returned from the address addition. However I've modified not only the theme but also the core  AddressController, in which there's the possibility to automatically choose only the invoice address.


I'm planning to ask a pull request on github but before I want to be sure that there's no better method to accomplish what I (and maybe other) need.



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