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change a variable with Ajax Call


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Hello all,

what I want to do :

on product page,

     1-display all categorys image, (done)

     2-when we click on the image, display image of all products in the category selected.

     3-then you can select a product to personnalize the current product displayed (will be done easely)


It is basically the same than the module "in the same category", but category displayed can be "monitored" by clicking on the image of categorys.



From my opinion I must use Ajax to do the part 2 of my description above. there are 2 ways, but don't know it is possible, because I think it miss something to me on Ajax :

     1-override productcontroller and then in displayAjax only change the html part I want to modify.

     2-make a module and reload the entire module with displayAjax() when I change of category


In fact I don't know if I can change only one part of the product page (i.e. the .value of an input text box) with ajax.


Hope my explanation is clear, below the URL if you want to have a better view ...


I can post the code if needed.



site : http://test.boutique-mabroderie.fr/eponge/30-serviette-eponge-prestige.html


thanks all

bests regards



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