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[SOLVED] Multistore pdf issue - Second shop wants to use pdf template from the first store!?


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I am using PS1.5.6.0 with multi store set up.


I have one group, two shops in the group with the stock sharing.


For the main (default) shop I have customised invoice template which is located in pdf folder in this shop theme folder (/themes/shop_A/pdf). All is working fine for this shop. PDF's are created using 'local' pdf template.


The problem is that the second shop ignore its local /pdf folder located in its theme folder (/themes/shop_B/pdf) and keep using the files from the default shop. The second shop wont even use the files from the main pdf folder located on the root of PS installation.


Wired part is that the invoices for the second shop gets the page layout from the main shop /pdf local folder. The logo onto pdfs gest changed to the right one (second shop logo) but the contact details printed on the pdf footer stays unchanged, and they appear same as for the main shop.


Unfortunately I am using different office address and the contact details for the second store.


How to get the second store start using locally stored /pdf files from this shop template folder and not the default shop template files?? Is it (another) PS bug? ;)

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Good question hehe. Yes, sure. I have all 12 .tpl files there, .htaccess and lang folder.


Second store just ignores its local pdf's folder same as the pdf folder located at PS root path.

It gets the pdf template files from the local pdf folder from default shop themes folder.


The layout itself its not an issue. The problem is that only the logo being changed to the right one for the second store.

Unfortunately the contact details printed on the bottom of the pdf are not the second shop address but the first shop address/phone/vat..... etc....

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OK, its not PS bug. It was my set up issue.

I am not entirely sure but the local pdf files were ignored because of PS cache. After I manually deleted theme cache files and SMARTY cache files, all the locally stored .tpl files from pdf folder took effect.


And then... I had non translated frazes for the second shop on BO > Preferences > Store Contacts...... The address and the phone number were non-unique and common for both shops.


@El Patron thanks for your help


Mod, please mark this thread as [sOLVED]  

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