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Orders not processing

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For a few days now, orders are not being displayed within the admin console after a customer completes the transaction using Worldpay.

The item stays in the customers cart but the payment is processed fine.


Two weeks ago friendly URL's were enabled - I have since tried disabling but that didn't make a difference.


The only other change was a blog module was enabled but that was also a couple of weeks ago and orders were processing fine till the problem started on 17th October.  I have also tried disabling the module.


The website in question is www.dolly-bird.com


The Prestshop version is currently


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!



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Im also using prestashop 1.4.8 and am experiencing the same problem. Customers add items to cart, checkout, make payment using our payment provider "Payfast". The customer nor me the shop owner gets no email confirmations of the orders etc. Customers enquire wheres their orders etc, if we look at backoffice, no orders are listed in the orders section, however, if we click customers, click on an  individual customer we can see they have placed an order and made payment. Not sure what it could be. No custom changes to scripting etc has been done. so we haven't played with code.


Any reason what it could be?

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