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Attributes assigned to categories - must have

Bicho Mato

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Hi community,


I have notice one of the worst handicaps of prestashop, simply for who program.

I have a store, with more than 150 groups of attributes, each group of attributes, have 3 to 7 attributes, for example for my categorie washing machines, i have created in the backoffice the groups of combinations with this tittles:Eficient class (with the attributes) A+ or A++ or A, more one group with the name Capacity: 6Kg or 7Kg or 8Kg or 9Kg , and so on.... So what i need is if i want to update only this category Washing Machines attributes, only be displayed the group and attributes that i have defined somewhere in the backoffice, because if i go to Televisions i have a problem it shows the group name and attributes for washing machines.

Imagine now 750 attributes that i have to run to find the right one for the category that i want to update or work.

Is a simple task, but a must have in prestashop, bacause without is very stressing for major stores to control groups and attributes for each category.

Hope someone can give a light, and we are avaiable to pay this work.


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