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Get addresses data in json


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I need to get the customers' addresses in json format. I tried to override the AdressesController by adding 

if(Tools::getValue("format") == "json")
	$_POST["addresses"] = Tools::jsonEncode($multiple_addresses_formated);

and in the tpl

	  	type: "POST",
	  	url: "http://localhost/index.php?controller=addresses&id_address="+$(this).attr('id')+"&format=json",
	  	success: function(addrjson){

The request works but it return the whole page (with the header, footer, etc...).


Does anybody knows how to only retrieve the addresses json object ?



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Sorry I forgot to say that I putted it in the inirContent() function.


I have modify my code and it seems to work

if(Tools::getValue("format") == "json") {
	if(Tools::getValue("id_address")) {
		$id_address = Tools::getValue("id_address");
		$address = new Address($id_address);
		$json_address = AddressFormat::getFormattedLayoutData($address);
		$json_address["formated"]["id_address"] = $id_address;

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