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RollOver not working on certain pages


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I am having an issue on my site and am not finding the solution







call the same template for the header.


However the rollover does not work for one the images (voir les annonces) when i am on the main page.

Any idea oh how to correct?



<a href="#" id="annvoir" class="voir_annonces" onmouseover="this.style.color = '#777D89';afficherGrisAnnonces()" onmouseout="this.style.color = '#00B196';affichervertAnnonces()" >
{l s='Voir les annonces' mod='blockuserinfo'}




function afficherGrisDeposerAnnonces() {

function affichervertDeposerAnnonces() {

function afficherGrisLogin() {

function affichervertLogin() {

function affichergrisMandat() {

function affichervertMandat() {

function afficherGrisAnnonces() {

function affichervertAnnonces() {


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can you add alert("!"); to these functions:


function afficherGrisAnnonces() {

function affichervertAnnonces() {


we will see then if these functions work

it looks like they arent working well

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I have a simular problem.


When i place the mouse over the product while it is listed in the "products by page"


the product rollover image shows a question mark. In the BO if i change the cover image to the alternate image it will show but now the other images shows a question mark. 


in the product view all works perfect.. 


this only happens in the "products by page" view.


Ive regenerated the thumbs,, no help



link: http://cynashealth.com/index.php?id_category=7&controller=category&orderby=name&orderway=desc

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