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[jquery] weird behaviour in manufacturer.tpl


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I've found this weird jquery behavior in manufacturer.tpl on any 1.5.6 fresh install.

On row 37 (github link) before the <else> of the <if> statement there's

<a href="#" class="lnk_more" onclick="$(this).prev().slideDown('slow'); $(this).hide(); return false;">{l s='More'}</a>

This does nothing aside hiding .lnk_more.


I've fiddled with it and I've changed the jquery code a bit to

$('.description_box').append('{$manufacturer->description}'); $('.lnk_more').hide(); $('.hide_desc').empty();

It works... partially

It shows the description BUT it won't empty(), hide(), remove() '.hide_desc'. While still hiding '.lnk_more'. This is driving me nuts.

What's wrong with my code? Please help!


P.S. {literal}{/literal} is not needed since Smarty v3 so that's not the issue ;)


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