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Import prodcts from a CSV Feed


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Deep fustration form an other wise good impression of prestashop.


I am a web developer and i have been tasked with creating a shop via prestashop the shops main products are Hardware parts for IT and IT equipment, and the store at present has 377.318 products that i have imported some of these will be taken out because those are simply not viable products like Iphone2 cover and such.


Any way my fustration is that:


A. the import does not really work it keeps chrasing so i had to write im own import of products, now as im new to this prestashop there was 1 or 2 minor prodblems with the import but thoes are fixed now.


B. now i can see all the products in the backend and they are all fine the problem was the Link_rewrite variable but i found out how Presta manipulate that variable and i copied the code, so now the products are not giving any problems when i save them but still they are not visible.


C. I then looked into the shop and the DB again and found stock_available i have now update that table as well so that all products are there as well also thoes that have 0 on stock, what am i missing still the products are not




The products are linked to the groups the products are visible and available but they only appear in the backend not in the shop for shoppers to buy if any one has any bright idea please let me know


Kind regards


Fustrated Web developer



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