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How to calculate the remaining downloads of virtual products?


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Hi everybody,


I'm about to add a column in the order-detail.tpl to show how many downloads for a virtual product are still available for a customer.
But all I managed so far is adding the number of how often the product has already been downloaded, by using the value of {$product['download_nb']}


How do I substract that value from the value stored in the field nb_downloadable of table ps_product_download? That is, how do I retrieve that value in order-detail.tpl?


Thank you




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I thought I had...


but this value isn't stored in the big ps_product table, but in ps_product_download


and the nb_downloadable value (plus all other related data) gets only checked when the link for the downloadable item in the order history / order-detail.tpl is clicked


If I'm not totally mixing up things, the value for nb_downloadable is provided for the first time through ProductDownload.php and checked in GetFileController.php (sends error message if download_nb is equal to nb_downloadable).

So at the time when the order history is called, nb_downloadable is still "unknown"...


So what I need is to bring forward the provision of this variable without throwing the following calls (ProductDownload.php, GetFileController.php) by double declarations or other funny beginners' stuff :rolleyes:


Any idea?





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Still need help with this topic ...


I created a function (placed it in ProductDownload.php) which is a modification of the getFilenameFromIdProduct($id_product) function, only checking for the nb_downloadable value instead.


But I still haven't figured out how to fill a new variable in the order-detail.tpl with it - I simply fail in finding the correct syntax.


Need help please!

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The number of times a download has occurred is stored in the "ps_order_detail.download_nb" column.  Lets call this A

The number of times a download may occur is stored in "ps_product_download.nb_downloadable" column.  Lets call this B


You would simply get these values and do the subtraction B - A.


You need to add this logic to the OrderDetailController, initContent() function.  Around line 168, you will see all the template variables being added to smarty (see below).  So you would need to add your value to this smarty array, which will make it available to the template.


So if you create a smarty variable called "nb_download_remaining", then in the template file you would access it using {$nb_download_remaining}

                    'shop_name' => strval(Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_NAME')),
                    'order' => $order,
                    'return_allowed' => (int)($order->isReturnable()),
                    'currency' => new Currency($order->id_currency),
                    'order_state' => (int)($id_order_state),
                    'invoiceAllowed' => (int)(Configuration::get('PS_INVOICE')),
                    'invoice' => (OrderState::invoiceAvailable($id_order_state) && count($order->getInvoicesCollection())),
                    'order_history' => $order->getHistory($this->context->language->id, false, true),
                    'products' => $products,
                    'discounts' => $order->getCartRules(),
                    'carrier' => $carrier,
                    'address_invoice' => $addressInvoice,
                    'invoiceState' => (Validate::isLoadedObject($addressInvoice) && $addressInvoice->id_state) ? new State($addressInvoice->id_state) : false,
                    'address_delivery' => $addressDelivery,
                    'inv_adr_fields' => $inv_adr_fields,
                    'dlv_adr_fields' => $dlv_adr_fields,
                    'invoiceAddressFormatedValues' => $invoiceAddressFormatedValues,
                    'deliveryAddressFormatedValues' => $deliveryAddressFormatedValues,
                    'deliveryState' => (Validate::isLoadedObject($addressDelivery) && $addressDelivery->id_state) ? new State($addressDelivery->id_state) : false,
                    'is_guest' => false,
                    'messages' => CustomerMessage::getMessagesByOrderId((int)($order->id), false),
                    'CUSTOMIZE_FILE' => Product::CUSTOMIZE_FILE,
                    'CUSTOMIZE_TEXTFIELD' => Product::CUSTOMIZE_TEXTFIELD,
                    'isRecyclable' => Configuration::get('PS_RECYCLABLE_PACK'),
                    'use_tax' => Configuration::get('PS_TAX'),
                    'group_use_tax' => (Group::getPriceDisplayMethod($customer->id_default_group) == PS_TAX_INC),
                    /* DEPRECATED: customizedDatas @since 1.5 */
                    'customizedDatas' => $customizedDatas
                    /* DEPRECATED: customizedDatas @since 1.5 */
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