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[SOLVED] how to get product features access in controller


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i don't know any list of functions, i'm developing modules, apps etc. and usually you can easily browse available functions in classes,

	* Update a product attribute
	* @param integer $id_product_attribute Product attribute id
	* @param float $wholesale_price Wholesale price
	* @param float $price Additional price
	* @param float $weight Additional weight
	* @param float $unit
	* @param float $ecotax Additional ecotax
	* @param integer $id_image Image id
	* @param string $reference Reference
	* @param string $ean13 Ean-13 barcode
	* @param int $default Default On
	* @param string $upc Upc barcode
	* @param string $minimal_quantity Minimal quantity
	* @return array Update result
	public function updateAttribute($id_product_attribute, $wholesale_price, $price, $weight, $unit, $ecotax,
		$id_images, $reference, $ean13, $default, $location = null, $upc = null, $minimal_quantity = null, $available_date = null, $update_all_fields = true, array $id_shop_list = array())
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Prestashop 1.7.7.x

in BO tpl: 

$product = new Product($params['id_product']);
$features = $product->getFrontFeatures($this->context->language->id);

                'features' => $features,

in front tpl:

global $cookie;
$product = new Product(intval($_GET['id_product']), true, intval($cookie->id_lang));
$features = $product->getFrontFeatures(intval($cookie->id_lang));
$this->context->smarty->assign('features', $features);

then in tpl file: 

{foreach from=$features item=$feature}
    {$feature.id_feature} - {$feature.name} - {$feature.value}<br>


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