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Receiving TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save update quantity

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I am on PrestaShop version 1.5.5 with SSL and PHP version 5.3.27. I'm currently experiencing this error in the shopping cart whenever I go to try and increase or delete a product:


TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save update quantity
Error thrown: [object Object]
Text status: error


I have tried confirming that shop domain url and ssl domain url are matching (which they are) as well as checked the cart-summary.js.


You can check to see it at: www.blissfulbabybites.com/shop


Are there any other solutions that I may be missing? I'm working on a deadline and will be greatful for any assistance leading me into the right direction.




Much thanks in advance!

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i increased and decreased products in cart (on shopping cart summary page) without any problem.

then only thing: it was terribly slow


Thank you for your response. What browser are you using? It displays the technical error for me in Firefox 24 and Chrome vs. 30. Takes about 40 seconds for the error pop-up to appear.


Why would it take so long to update the summary page? When I go to look at the demo version of the theme the cart summary functions just fine and fast.

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