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Supply Order based on needed quantiy


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I really apologize if this is not the right place for posting this thread. 


I need some help figuring out a proper Supply/Purchase order method. Following is the scenario:

We buy in bulk format from our supplier. We offer to our customer both bulk and individual product. Apple for example. From our supplier we buy case of 118 apple. We offer our customer 2 combinations of 1 Apple and a case of 118 apple. 

We want our purchase department to place order cases of apples from our supplier based on number of apples order we got. I have created 2 combinations of 2 different package format right now. But when we want to create supply order how do i make the system auto pick cases of apple based on number of apples ordered by customers? I hope this make sense.


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Hi Symmcom,


Due to my weak understanding of english, I am not sure but I try.


You want place an order to your supplier for each customer order, or for all orders of the day ?  Or for a certain period.


As it is all about mechanic describe some cases, like :

- 1 customer ordered ... then we placed the supplier order ...

- 2 customer ordered ... then we placed the supplier order ...


Best regards

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Thank you so muc for your reply!


Yes, i want to create a supplier order based on all orders from customers of the day or week. I am aware of the option available in Prestashop to Supply Order module where i can enter a quantity to preload products in supply order. But this does not seem to be option right in my scenario. There is no such option as ordered product aggregation. If there is any way i can combine all ordered product together and create supply order based on that, that will work great.

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Ok Symmcom,


As manager I would like up to date status in my BO  like ' there are supplier order to place for ....'

Then it will also include all sunday, beyond working hours and very late night customer orders.




of the day or week

Day  :  0:00 AM to 11:59 PM including all specials days like Christmas for example ?

Week : then you need more a detailed report  from 'day begin' to 'day end' ?


Anyway I do not think there is a ready module for this but it is technicaly possible to make it.



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Thats it! Thats exactly what i am looking for. Even if i can create a report or export CSV file with aggregated products ordered by customers will help me greatly. For example one customer ordered 5 apples and another customer ordered 4 apples. An exported CSV file should show i have to place a supply order for 9 apples. Is there any way i can extract Customer Orders ?

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Yes you can,


Go in the sql manager and build request the execution will provide you csv.


You need at least tables orders, order_detail,product_lang ....


I also made a module 'rawSqlTool', wich is in Free Module section, you could adapt for your needs

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