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Update Language files - not working the automatizer


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update2: updated the site, checked the language files and they are correct. But my site is still in English (for ex at my-account section,contact-us etc)


update3: Found the problem. My theme has hu.php but it is empty. I copied a hu.php from the default theme but not 100% the translate. It is missing 294 words. Any ideas?








Unfortunately my site is "half" English-Hungarian for ex in the login section it is english... so i tried to update my Hungarian language files:


Localization ->Translations -> Add/Update . | at first iv get chmod errors, but i have solved them. Now i get this error:


The archive cannot be extracted. Unable to create path for /var/www/clients/client110/web451/web/translations/../modules/blockcategories/translations/hu.php



I tried to update my presatshop to the latest version - was succesful but dont helped.


I installed the latest ps to a different domain then with this mode i installed hungarian for it, then checked the login section. It is totally Hungarian, so that is what i need.


A good Hungarian installation with the latest presta.


- I downloaded my site to site, then i downloaded my site from that different domain

- i mixed them. (i overwrite my site from the diff. domain)

- then upload to the aim domain -> FAIL. There were no install directory. So i cant upgrade and the site was terrible.


Now i am uploading my site's backup to its original location. But i still want to try this.


Any ideas?


Maybe if i download the diff. domain files to my pc then from the old site i owerwrite some folders/files. Following this : http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Manual+update#Manualupdate-Step2-GettingReadyfortheNewVersion


(modules,themes etc)


Then from prestashop.com i download again the files, then i put the "install" folder to the mixture. :)


Is it working?


Or any ideas how to do it easily? I tring it for about 5hours... the site is big... my internet isnt as fast.



Thanks for you ideas guys!



update1: autoupgrade does not working for me.Javascript error parsejson.


the next update is adobe.

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