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Hey All,


I have been trying to create a cart rule that is only valid in certain countries. For example, a coupon code that is only valid between certain dates in a specific country. The date part is simple enough, but for some reason, any ability to restrict countries is no longer present in 1.5.5+


Documentation for earlier versions (1.5.4) had country selection ability in the cart rules, but it seems to have been replaced by the carrier selection rule. I suppose it could work via a carrier selection, but it presents another problem.


When you add a cart rule based on carrier, and the user / shopper attempts to check out, they are presented with the coupon code first. If you enter the code, it promptly fails with the following error:


"You must choose a carrier before applying this voucher to your order"


So, you choose a carrier at the bottom of the checkout page by selecting the option button, and attempt to retry the coupon, the same error presents itself. Even if you update the carrier list, or update the cart, the same error message is displayed. The only way around this is to hit the "Next" button in the checkout process, which appears to write the carrier option to the database, and then go "Back" to the summary to enter the coupon. Then it work, but no user would likely figure this out (nor should they) , and will likely leave / abbandon the cart.


Fortunately this is a offline / work in progress store for our company, and I am trying to get all features / necessities working before taking it online to replace our current cart software.


Is there something I am missing? A bug? Any help would be appreciated.

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I thought that might work, so I upgraded to 1.5.6 last night, and same problem still exists. I think it is just an order of operations problem in the checkout process. If they move the coupon entry form to the "Step #5 - Payment" tab of the checkout process, where all the taxes and shipping are now entered and confirmed, the coupon will then have correct information available to be processed and succeed. Just a thought.


I may try modifying the template / php code to add the form to the step 5 page, and see what happens. It appears to just be a simple post with the coupon code, so it should be relatively easy to test.


But as always, a proper patch / fix from the prestashop crew would be better.

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