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PrestaShop directory screwed my URLs

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Hello guys, I have a very simple problem which i encountered by complete stupidity and error.

I am not a developer and only use the back office to add/edit products in the shop.

I have by error gone into Preferences menu > General Page (1st) and in PS Directory typed '/themes' and pressed enter, which saved it as a new setting.

At the time I had no clue this would change all prestashop URLs to contain word '/themes' but this has completely messed up the site.

When i tried to change it back to just '/' it would show an error message.

I have then deleted my browsing history and ended up not being able to log into Prestashop Back office Admin at all. 

From what i understand (although you can understand i completely lack any knowledge of developing) is by doing this i have broken the link between prestashop and my server.

Any advice would be great.

Thanks in advance


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