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how to store ajax result information to database


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Hi, I want to create a new module tab to upload files under admin->product.


so far, I have wrote new_module.php, and it has a function hookDisplayAdminProductsExtra() ->display.tpl to display the upload form and button.

and below that form will be shown all the filenames that uploaded before and delete checkbox for each files.


in display.tpl I also have the ajax call to post data to function.php.


in function.php, I am able to save the upload files in the location I want, and display back the result to display.tpl through the ajax function.

but the part I am lost is, how I can connect to the database to store my uploaded URLs infomation? it seems that in function.php I have no way to connect to the PS database.


or if not doing the ajax way, how can I achieve this new tab to store the upload files URL to database



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