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How to Achieve dynamic product combination


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Good day!


I was wondering is it possible to achieve in prestashop the dynamic product combination


what I want to achieve is something like:


Product Type: Type 1

                        Type 2


Type 1

     Size: t1s1 -->> color: green, red

               t1s2 -->> color: black, orange


Type 2

    Size: t2s1 -->> color: yellow, pink

             t2s2 -->> color: white, gray


let say the customer select on the 1st dropdown option(Product Type) is Type 1 then the available option on the 2nd dropdown(Size) is only t1s1 and t1s2, and if the t1s2 is selected the available option for the 3rd(color) is only  black and orange.


how do i achieve this in product combination or is there a module this kind?


hope someone could shed a light.

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