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Creation link to auto order

Gary Host

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Hi guys,


Is it possible to create a link that when clicked will lead to the view of a cart with an article in it ?


Explanation : I've got a product that is a subscription, and I would like to send a mail to my clients when their subscription is almost over, with a link in it that will lead to an open cart with the new subscription already in it.


Is it possible ? Has somebody already done it ?


Thanks a lot

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What you could try is to make a product page with the item you want to add to the cart. Then create a jquery submit() event on that page, something like:








See for more info:




Then change/set a few setting, to move your customer to the summary page:

Go to Preferences->Product

and set "Redirect after adding product to cart" to "Cart Summary"


Note: This only works if you turn OFF ajax animation: 

Modules->Modules, find Module Cart block - configure and disable AJAX mode.


Hope this helps,



Edit: The link in your mail is just the link to your product page

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