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problem with breadcrumb module and url rewriting

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hey there,
After reading a post written by damien metzger on how to manually change the url rewriting rules, i changed the way categories urls are written. I changed it from www.mysite.com/5-category/ to www.mysite.com/category

it all works fine, except for the breadcrumb module, and i'm pulling my hair out trying to fix it! the breadcrumbs still link the categories back to the category with the Id_category at the start! and after trying to fix this, i found that the breadcrumbs use the $path function to get the url, and when i looked at the $path function, i really couldn't fix it!

so after days of stressing and trying to fix it, i give up!

can someone please help me?

thanks in advance

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Please, anyone?

I just did a sitemap of my site and the categories also come up as "mysite.com/5-category" but the products come up as "mysite.com/category/product"

I am going to kill myself over this!!

It's avery serious problem, as google will index the wrong links to my categories and 1- confuse people 2- link to broken links!

I can't find where the "5-category" is coming up! i changed it from the htacess!

Please help!

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Really, no one? Url rewriting is so important, why was it included if it doesn't work correctly?

without editing anything you get www.mysite.com/5-randomcategory. and the products come up as www.mysite.com/randomcategory/product

am i the only person who realises that this will mess up the traffic, confuse some people and not help your SEO?

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