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[SOLVED] Product combinations generator access denied in multistore

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Hello prestashop,

 I'm using PS multistore and I gave permissions to employees to add and edit products in one store.

When I login as admin Product combinations generator is working fine. But when I log in as an employ I can create products, attributes and values, but when accessing Catalog ->Products -> Edit ()->Combination->Product combinations generator I get "Access Denied" on my employee backoffice.


Can anyone help? I'm stuck with this since 2 months now.


Thank you in advance

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please go to Administration->Permissions and confirm that you have ticked all the boxes for Combinations Generator for your employee.

Of course check whether that "profile" matches the one you've connected with the "employee"

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alsitn thank you for your response.

Actually there is no checkbox for Combination Generator, but I made sure the checkbox "Attributes and Values" is checked. It was checked from the beginning. I'm sure I'm connected to the proper "employee"


Any other thoughts?


Thank you

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I do have the checkbox for combinations generator...
Confirm that you have done roughly like this:
1. Created new "employee"
2. Selected an existing "profile" (default are SuperAdmin, Administrator, Logistician, Translator, Salesman) for that employee
- or -
2. Created a new profile
Then under "permissions" select that profile and make sure that you can see something like this



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Oh my god,

You are my hero. You made my day!!!
I don't know where my eyes were. In my mind I always saw the  Product combinations generator  connected to atributes and values, and never thought it might be on a different box at the permissions tab. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


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