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duplicate admin product images tab to new tab


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I am using prestashop 1.5.5.

in the admin, edit/add product area, is there a way to duplicate the images tab(want to add a new sub images tab), so that I can upload another set of images to a new table, and when display on the product page, it will display in a different section.


I know to add a new tab is to create a new module and hook it with hookDisplayAdminProductsExtra and hookActionProductUpdate,

but I want the exact same functions from that original images tab, that's why I want to see where I can copy the functions from and just modify it to link to the new table.


which files I should duplicate and modify? since I don't see there is an images module folder.


or is there another easy way to have this new tab which have the same functions like the default images tab?




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Have a look at /controllers/admin/AdminProductsController



public function __construct()
$this->table = 'product';
$this->className = 'Product';
$this->lang = true;
$this->explicitSelect = true;
$this->bulk_actions = array('delete' => array('text' => $this->l('Delete selected'), 'confirm' => $this->l('Delete selected items?')));
if (!Tools::getValue('id_product'))
$this->multishop_context_group = false;
$this->imageType = 'jpg';
$this->_defaultOrderBy = 'position';
$this->max_file_size = (int)(Configuration::get('PS_LIMIT_UPLOAD_FILE_VALUE') * 1000000);
$this->max_image_size = (int)Configuration::get('PS_PRODUCT_PICTURE_MAX_SIZE');
$this->allow_export = true;
// @since 1.5 : translations for tabs
$this->available_tabs_lang = array(
'Informations' => $this->l('Information'),
'Pack' => $this->l('Pack'),
'VirtualProduct' => $this->l('Virtual Product'),
'Prices' => $this->l('Prices'),
'Seo' => $this->l('SEO'),
'Images' => $this->l('Images'),
'ImagesAlt' => $this->l('ImagesAlt'),
'Associations' => $this->l('Associations'),
'Shipping' => $this->l('Shipping'),
'Combinations' => $this->l('Combinations'),
'Features' => $this->l('Features'),
'Customization' => $this->l('Customization'),
'Attachments' => $this->l('Attachments'),
'Quantities' => $this->l('Quantities'),
'Suppliers' => $this->l('Suppliers'),
'Warehouses' => $this->l('Warehouses'),
$this->available_tabs = array('Quantities' => 6, 'Warehouses' => 14);
if ($this->context->shop->getContext() != Shop::CONTEXT_GROUP)
$this->available_tabs = array_merge($this->available_tabs, array(
'Informations' => 0,
'Pack' => 7,
'VirtualProduct' => 8,
'Prices' => 1,
'Seo' => 2,
'Associations' => 3,
'Images' => 9,
'ImagesAlt' => 10,
'Shipping' => 4,
'Combinations' => 5,
'Features' => 11,
'Customization' => 12,
'Attachments' => 13,
'Suppliers' => 14,
This will add a tab, but of course to fill it with the image info, you need to 'copy/modify' all 'image' as imageAlt. Search for image, and you will see JOINS with tables, fields etc. Didn't give it a deep look, but it's probably a good start.
My 2 cents,
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