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Postal Code in Carrier Class


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You can get it from object address with object cart parameters (taken from global $cart or from $params)
If customer already set their delivery address, then we can catch it.

You can do something like this, depend on where you will use this function :

/* get postal code for the existing cart address delivery
 * @param $params An array of the existing objects
 * @param $obcart An existing object cart
 * If global cart object is exist, @param $params and $cart are not necessary
 * return postal code if delivery address already set in the cart, else return boolean false
public function getPostCode($obcart = false, $params = false)
    global $cart;

    /* Make sure the existences of object cart */
    if(!$obcart OR !Validate::isLoadedObject($obcart))
        $mycart = !$params ? $cart : $params;
    if(!$params AND !Validate::isLoadedObject($mycart))
        return false;

    /* Get an existing id_address_delivery from object cart */
    $id_address_delivery = $mycart->id_address_delivery;
    /* Load object address according to existing id_address_delivery */
    $address = new Address($id_address_delivery);

    /* If object address passed validation, define postal code variable */    
        $postcode = $address->postcode;

    return $postcode;

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